Favorite immune boosting herbs for kids during cold and flu season.

by Melissa Vines

I've used herbs to help boost my kids immune systems for over 10 years now and I want to share some of my favorites that I still go to during times of sickness.

  • Echinacea is a must-have for your home apothecary. It contains antibacterial and antiviral properties to help reduce the duration and symptoms of sickness. It is a cooling herb so use when there is an elevated body temperature. 
  • Mullein is a wonderful lung tonic that can help a dry cough because of it's moistening capabilities. I use this long term for one of my asthmatic children.
  • Angelica is the herb to grab for dry coughs and inflamed airways. It is also a carminative herb helping upset tummies.
  • Cryptolepis is an herbal antibiotic that works systemically in the body to target bacterial infection anywhere. It has been used safely in Africa for Malaria. 
  • Peppermint is known to help regulate body temperature through it's diaphoretic action that opens the pores and increases perspiration along with it's cooling energy. A cup of Peppermint tea is also helpful for an upset tummy.
  • Nettle is used to reduce inflammation and nourish the body through it's abundance of vitamins and minerals. Throw a liberal amount in bone broth or make a tea, let cool and add to a smoothie. Although it is very pigmented when extracted it has a very mild flavor.
  • Lemon balm is a wonderful antiviral that can also calm a child who has a lot of emotions surrounding being sick.